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Databases Entity: Definition, Relationship, Properties and you can Settings

Databases Entity: Definition, Relationship, Properties and you can Settings

Database organization is the vital thing consider all the relational database. CentriQS Configurator allows you to carry out databases which have just one personalized entity to own certain business demands otherwise numerous custom organizations about for each most other to possess fulfilling complex organization criteria. You can also add your custom database organization with able-generated activity administration services.

What’s Databases Organization?

Databases organization is one thing, individual, lay, unit, object otherwise any item from the that the study are caught and you will stored in the type of attributes, workflow and Bisexual dating site you may tables. When you are workflow and tables was recommended for database organization, services are required (since the organization rather than services isn’t an organization).

Organization Properties

Entity home is a feature of the organization however often it is difficult to state whether databases product can be an organization or a property. For this specific purpose, you really need to inquire: “’s the items regarding priple, ‘current email address was away from head notice getting ‘current email address database, but when you manage a ‘customers database, ‘customer is the databases organization, whenever you are ‘email address was consumers possessions.

Some of entity features can also be portray database organization relationship, we.e. associate one organization to another entity. Particularly, organization ‘Occupations can have property ‘Visitors that is the organization ‘Buyer in order that when you would a different job you could miss along the variety of website subscribers and choose a person to possess and therefore that job would-be done.

Entity Tables

Entity desk is a kind of sandwich-entity inside of the chief entity (given that entity table features its own features). Such as for example, organization ‘Order which includes like functions as the Buy ID, Acquisition Day, etcetera. can have table ‘Products that has its own features such Product Term, Numbers, Price, etc.

Including often it can be tough to choose if or not there clearly was a need to manage organization desk or put numerous properties to help you the latest organization in itself. Such as for instance, for entity ‘Get in touch with you need to simply take address advice filled with attributes ‘Road, ‘City, ‘State, etcetera. When the for every contact only has one address, next this type of characteristics can get into entity, if you are when your contact can have several address, such functions should fall into organization dining table.

Entity Workflow

Organization workflow is a kind of an organization lifecycle and therefore consists of states, transitions and you will reason why organization transits from a single state to some other. Instance, when pages alter the condition out-of organization ‘Task off ‘Happening so you can ‘Finalized they may be able choose one of readily available causes: ‘Finished otherwise ‘Cancelled.

Also workflow may have actions did from the CentriQS automatically when transition amongst the states happen. Particularly, in the event your condition away from entity ‘Options becomes changed out-of ‘Available to ‘Finalized, the system often instantly get into newest date and time into the industry ‘Go out Finalized.

Entity Setup

Organization options was program features of the newest organization. Several will be lay whenever the latest entity is done and should not getting altered following the transform try the full time, others should be modified and you may changed any moment afterwards.

Meta Identity, Name, and Screen Label

Organization enjoys three brands: ‘Meta Title, ‘Term and ‘Screen Term. The first several (‘Meta Label and ‘Name) can be used by the program internally and when put they can’t become altered, once the last that (‘Screen Title) are shown inside the screen and will getting changed any kind of time big date.

Code Prefix

Password prefix is used at the start of the organization property ‘Code (the number which is instantly made available to this new for each and every the new organization when it is composed and you can saved on databases). Including, standard organization ‘Activity has code prefix ‘T and when you make the first task it has code ‘T1.

In case your databases get several organizations you to start with the fresh exact same page, it’s best to construct password prefix from dos-3-cuatro characters. Particularly, organization ‘Get in touch with may have password prefix ‘CONT.


Description career can be used to provide an even more outlined definition of the newest organization if for example the identity doesnt chat to own in itself. Including, organization ‘Contact might have another description “Contact information in the business website subscribers and you may subcontractors”.


Automagically organization name is actually formatted so you can correspond on entity password, not once you create individualized organization properties you can transform identity structure. Such, organization ‘Get in touch with might have term that can immediately sign-up industries ‘Code, ‘First-name and you will ‘Past Title.


Signs get that have entity ‘Monitor Name in different feedback. Short symbols get on drop down organization listing, near the top of organization outline check, an such like. High icons are provided near the top of the main glance at, on the Check out diet plan, an such like. One another small and large symbols can be shown on the ribbon.

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